Why aren’t my products showing?

First check the POS system status. If you are still having problems send a message using the support form.

When setting up WooCommerce POS for the first time it is possible that you run into an error loading the products. If you are experiencing an issue like this - your first stop should always be the support page. There is a link to the support page in the menu, top left on the POS screen.

On the support page you will see a POS system status report. This will contain tests for the most common problems. If one of the tests fails you will see a red cross on the status report. Please follow the instructions given until you see all green ticks.

If you POS passes all the tests and you are still having problems please send a message using the support form provided. The form will attach your system status report and some other important information that will help us diagnose the problem.

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